Portland Affordable  Therapist

Individual Therapy

People are both unique and full of predictable patterns. We are shaped by our early life experiences and families of origin, and continue to have ideas reinforced through subsequent relationships. Most of this happens without our awareness, and it takes a bump in the road to bring it into awareness. Therapy is a place to examine our automatic patterns and take the reins of our lives. Be it interrupting negative thought loops, learning new ways to attempt to get your thoughts and feelings across to others, or finding motivation to live differently, therapy offers new perspectives and insights. I believe that everyone deserves  a life worth living and that everyone can attain it with work. 

Quarter-Life Crisis

Affordable Portland Quarter Life CrisisPortland is beautiful, artsy, quirky and fun, but when everyone is so hip it can be daunting to find your place in it all. There comes a time somewhere in between 20 and 35 that most people start to wonder what they really want to be when they grow up. Is it time to move? Go back to school? Open a business? Break up with her? Commit to him? Get a hold on this anxiety? Make peace with the past? Therapy is a great place to get organized and find enthusiasm for going forward.